Humanity is about to unravel, and Clea Hart holds the final thread.  

A light-wielding warrior known as a Veilin, she’s stolen the cursed Deadlock Medallion—an artifact of legend that could spell doom for mankind’s last three cities. Escaping from enemies she once called friends, Clea knows she has to destroy it, and that means returning home.  

The forest of Shambelin is the only thing standing in her way, but it’s rife with traps, tricks, and beasts. She can’t survive it alone. In desperation, she accepts the help of a mysterious man named Ryson.  

The forest is his domain, and Clea and Ryson are as different as the sun and moon that shape its illusions. Together, they face the wilderness, the medallion’s influence, and the woes of their declining world. These challenges unite them, but when Ryson’s secrets come to light, Clea realizes that the horrors of the forest are nothing but a playground to his past.  

Their connection is undeniable, her mission is critical, but trusting him could be the last mistake she ever makes. 

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